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Finally an update.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 1:44 AM
It's been busy in this few critical months and I can't believe my blog look so dead and I had decided to update it today. It's a week for the Raya holidays. KLCC was the place I and Sam planned to go in the early days. I called Kok Siong along and ended up a group of awesome friends gave me and Sam a birthday surprise. Had our meal at Madam Kwan's where I had my earlier meal there. Right after that we walked around KLCC while waiting for our movie The Ugly Truth. It's quite a good show to watch but it's not suitable for underage peoples and I'm looking forward to watch The Unbelievable. All I have to say is Thank You!!! guys...!!! for this awesome surprise. here's a picture edited by Kok Siong.

My Blog is Not Dead Yet
Wednesday, August 5, 2009 10:00 AM
It's been a long time since the last time I blog. Examination and Trials are around the around the corner. The SPM is getting closer and closer. Most of the people had started to be serious is their studies. There's a picture I found taken with my cousins when we are still kids. Enjoy!Can you guy's spot me?

History Workshop at the Royal Military College
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 7:50 AM

If you guys have a chance to enter the some Military schools in Malaysia would you guys give it as a try or just ignore the offer because we have to do something in connection with military activities?

Today, I got a chance to visit the Maktab Tentera Diraja (Royal Military College) which is located at Sungai Besi for the Sejarah Workshop organise by the JPWP and RMC. Thanks to Pn. Kasturi's husband for sending us there.
The 'PUTERA'S' of RMC.

We were welcome by a group of RMC student. Their uniform were all very different from the uniform's we often see. Beside wearing the white uniform with the olive green colour pants they got their very own uniform. It's just like the uniform's wore by the military officers. We were divided to groups which is 4 boy's from our school and another 4 from RMC. Got to make few new friends that came from different state.
The crowd.

We had 4 friendly deskmates from different states which is :-

Khairol Annuar Zaini - Melaka
Nizamuddin - Johor
Ismail - Kedah
Sharizal - Negeri Sembilan.

We had fun studying together during the Eksplorasi Sejarah session.

Khairol & Me.

Ismail and Rizal
Nizamudin & Khairol

I gave them my school badge to Khairol as a souvenier as the workshop are a moment from the end. We all exchanged phone numbers so that we could stay contact with each other.

My target for Sejarah in SPM
is definately an

What is going on around?
Saturday, July 11, 2009 6:09 AM
The crime rate in Malaysia is growing extremely fast. Almost every day we will see there is a snatch thief case. Today I witnessed a tourist was snatched by 2 malay boys. When I and Wayne walking to Kasturi from the Kuala Lumpur Library we heard somebody shouted loudly and we saw a guy which is one of the tourist entering a car to chase the malay guys. It's all happened in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. We ran towards to the scene. A lady from South Africa got his handbag snatch by the 'idiots'. She was with another 3 tourist. All their travel documents, cash and camera's were all gone. What happen in Malaysia today is worrying and they had just snatch someone's handbag in front of the Bukit Aman Police Headquaters. It had gave Malaysia a bad image towards them. From joy and happy trip to Kuala Lumpur had become sad and disappointed trip. It is a shame to Malaysia. 'MR POLICEMAN' please do something to prevent this to happen again.

Cheer 2009
Monday, July 6, 2009 7:05 AM
Another day I woke up early in the morning. Guess what? To get myself ready for the Cheer Competition '09 and to give some support to Muriel performed by P.E.S.S. Meet up Wayne at the Maluri station and Marcus is late so we meet him up at Bandar Tun Razak station. After that, we continued our long journey all the way to Putra Indoor Stadium at Bukit Jalil. Sam, Pei Ern and Zhen were all there already and we met up with them at the entrance. Waited for so long for Muriel to performed. Right after they performed we headed somewhere to find something to fill our empty tummy. After load of idea and discussion we decide to go all the way to Bukit Bintang for food. Low Yat was our destination. After we survey the place we decide to enter the Korean Restaurant which Wayne had his best meal in his life. Chit-chat at the restaurant for a while and we headed back to Bukit Jalil. Muriel won the best teacher award!Not BAD huh?
The Battlefield
Zhen Pei
The Ambassador of Nestle Drumstick
To prevent paparazzi! =P
Take a look at behind Zhen is complaining
By Sam.
Samantha. She own Yeo's.
Group Picture.

Tribute to Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop had gone.
Friday, June 26, 2009 6:42 AM
The world known King of Pop Michael Jackson had passed away this morning in Malaysia Time. It's just happen in a bling of eyes. I just listen to his song 'You are Not Alone' last night and when I woke up today as usual before I go to school I will on the CNN to update myself what is happening around the world. I was so shocked when I heard that M.J suffers a cardial arrest and dies. To me he could be classified as a 'Legend' as he had bring alot of great music and song to entertain the entire world. Celebrities and fans in the globe had pay their tribute to him. The world has lost one of its greats, but his music will live on forever."

You are not alone!
The world are always be with you.

Party, Party and party
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 3:36 AM
Last Friday went to Lecka-Lecka as BrandonG had his birthday celebration there. I met up Bri at the Pandan Jaya station. After that we went to Hang Tuah followed by monorail to Bukit Bintang. We reach at Pavilion around 8 p.m and we waited for Brandon and Shermaine for more than a hour. We went for dinner right after they reach Pavilion as our tummies were starving. Had our dinner at Madam Kwan's. Right after dinner we headed to Lecka-Lecka and we ordered a bottle of Chivas Regal that cost 4 of us 300 bucks. Chatting and drinking there for around 3 to 4 hours. Later that night Brandon, Shermaine, Katherinne and Me went to Poppy Garden and Passion. Ended the night at 3 a.m with Brandon and Shermaine were both drunk. And planned to go there again on the Saturday night (the next day) =D

He got high.
Shermaine, Katherinne and Me

Saik and me with the 'deejays'

Brandon so call 'Celebrity Shot'.

What am I doing?

Drink till 4 smt.

See how drunk he is.
The Second Night

Me and GiGi

Getting the Long Island.